Clean Wave Technology | About Clean Wave
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About Clean Wave

Wave Power

The power of water was used long before human even knew the existence of fossil fuels. That time, generations ago, it was used for running mills and streams used for transportation of sawed logs. Today we start using the power of water once again, now for generating electricity.

Adding the power of water, or in our case wave energy, to the world’s renewable energy mix makes perfect sense. After all, waves can be predicted, they form an infinite source of clean energy and humans tend to cluster near water. In the USA alone Nearly 40 percent of Americans live in counties directly on a shoreline, and more than half the world’s population lives within 125 miles of a coast.

What about its’ potential?

Ocean energy generation has the potential to rise to 3.6 GW of installed capacity by 2020 and an installed capacity close to 188 GW by 2050, a significant proportion of this to come from wave energy.

It is projected that wave energy could have 529 MW installed by 2020 and nearly 100 GW by 2050. This represents 1.4 TWh/ year by 2020 and over 260 TWh/year by 2050, amounting to 0.05% and 6% of the projected EU-27 electricity demand by 2020 and 2050 respectively. To give an idea of its significance, 1TW equivalates the use of electricity by 94,849 homes for one year!

In 2000 the UK Marine Foresight Panel stated; “If 0.1% of the renewable energy available within the oceans could be converted into electricity it would satisfy the present world demand for energy more than five times over.”

Source: European Union- Ocean Energy Report (EU-OEA, 2010)

Why CleanWave ?


Our unique technology we are the first and only with the ability of using kinetic and potential energy making the CleanWave generator highly efficient. Our quick and easy near shore installation makes CleanWave an almost instant source of energy that with minimum loss transfers the generated electricity to the grid. CleanWave’s cost effectiveness directly derives from its high level of efficiency.



Our technology is based on a mechanical rather than a hydraulic system so no oil is used to drive the system resulting into zero pollution. Our CleanWave generator is produced out 100% recycled steel and eco-friendly cables are used to transfer electricity to the grid. CleanWave can be placed in formation of an artificial bay to function as wave-breakers to calm the sea and protect marine life where needed.



We believe in the power of collaboration and therefore only seek for strategic partners who we can build our vastly expanding sustainable business with. Our strategic partners will be served by a professional team of intelligent engineers, dedicated manufacturers and adequate operators.