Clean Wave Technology | Efficient Wave Energy Solution
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Efficient Wave Energy Solution

The CleanWave energy converter generates electricity from waves with a high capacity factor and is the first wave energy solution able to use the kinetic and potential energy of waves.


The core design of CleanWave is based on wave height independency, a wave height of only 0,5 meter is needed to start generating electricity from the vertical potential wave energy. Even when there are no visible waves at all CleanWave is able to generate its electricity the from horizontal kinetic wave energy.
CleanWave’s smart valve system makes the generator able to use both underwater- and surface waves. The power of underwater waves is far greater than surface waves alone this makes the CleanWave generator highly efficient and to benefit from the full wave energy potential.
The quick and easy near shore installation makes CleanWave an almost instant source of energy that with minimum loss of generated electricity transfers the generated electricity to the grid.

Cost effective

CleanWave’s near shore installation combined with its generator unit being mounted approximately 3 meters above the waterline significantly lowers the costs for maintenance and installation since no expensive sea cranes, transportation by boat or diver crew is needed.
The system of CleanWave is build up out of low tech modular components. No high tech equipment is required for its manufacturing or installation which once more results into substantially lower costs.
CleanWave is scalable and can be designed according to capacity demand and the type of wave present at the wave farm site. This flexibility is the key to our short ROI time of 4-5 years!


The CleanWave energy convertor uses a mechanical system which is more productive and stable than hydraulic based wave energy systems.
The smart valve system prevents the generator to be at risk of damage by storm waves. As soon as the wave heights are perceived to be potentially damaging the valve is automatically shut to prevent any damage.
Since the generator unit is mounted above the water it is not exposed to the conditions below the water. This extends the lifetime of the generator unit and increases the intervals of necessary maintenance.


Since CleanWave’s technology is based on a mechanical rather than a hydraulic system no oil is used to drive the system resulting into zero pollution.
Our CleanWave generator is produced out 100% recycled steel and eco-friendly cables are used to transfer electricity to the grid.
CleanWave can be placed in formation of an artificial bay to function as wave-breakers to calm the sea and protect marine life where needed.